CanMax Growing Solutions is an automation engineering company devoted to helping you find a better way to grow cannabis crops at a commercial or industrial level. At CanMax, we offer engineering services, custom development, installation, commissioning, and staff training, and lifecycle support and service in addition to supplying a state-of-the-art aeroponics growing system.


CanMax began in 2015 as Stephane Roux and his partner Karlo Slisko began developing an automated growing system using aeroponics based on rough designs by NASA for the International Space Station. Since then, we have developed modular, vertical growing chambers that can be serviced by a controlled HVAC, CO2, humidity and nutrient control center.


VESNA, completed in 2019, is the most advanced automated aeroponics solution available. Our growing team of engineers and professionals worked hard to develop the VESNA technology, proprietary components, best practice methodologies and an extensive knowledge of quality cannabis cultivation.


The system works in perfect harmony to minimize human intervention, save you money on labour costs, and produce the most successful and abundant yield. The VESNA aeroponics system was made to guarantee a high quality product and a high success rate.

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Our Commitment

 As the provider of your turnkey solution, we will assist in scaling your order to best fit your building footprint. Our services include installation, commissioning, and start up of the system, as well as ongoing training and life cycle support.  

Our Team

Stéphane Roux, P.Eng


Karlo Slisko

Vice President

Jennifer Barton, CMA, CPA